Answering Common Questions: Pt. 1

Our team of engineers is trained and ready to answer all your questions about EMI shielding and EMI gaskets. You do not need to design these devices on your own. Below, we will be answering a few commonly asked questions we hear when dealing with different clients.

What is the difference between EMI and RFI? Electromagnetic interference is undesirable electromagnetic emission, whereas radio frequency interference is the result of unwanted electrical energy. Although stemming from different sources both RFI and EMI can negatively affect electrical devices and their performance.

How do interferences propagate? Both EMI and RFI transmit through conduction that is over powerlines and through radiation in open spaces.

Is it possible to regulate EMI? It can be controlled to allow sensitive equipment to function correctly (without degradation in performance). The ability to adjust provides for newer devices to work as defined, without disrupting the performance of other equipment.

How do currents leak? If a filter is using capacitors between the ground and the conductors, there can be a small amount of leakage through the filter. This can create an electrical hazard if the electronic device is not grounded.

If you have more questions about EMI shielding and EMI gaskets, please call us today.