Introduction to EMI Gaskets

EMI gaskets are used in electronic devices that require shielding. In the past, these devices were primarily found in radio communication and military equipment, but due to the dramatic increase in EMI radiation, gaskets are commonly found in a variety of electronic equipment. Gaskets should be mainly used when EMI exceeds 60dB. This article will serve as a quick introduction to EMI gaskets, how they work, and what type of gaskets is available on the market. With this information, you should have a base understanding on EMI gaskets.

How do gaskets work?

EMI gaskets function by establishing a conductive path along seams and other openings in an electronic enclosure. This covering blocks potential difference across the shield surface and establishes a smooth current flow. In essence, gaskets plug all the holes in a piece of equipment, so that EMI radiation does not interfere with the operation.

What are the different types of Gaskets?

There are many different types of EMI gaskets on the market, and each is appropriate for a specific type of function. It is important to pick the appropriate gasket for optimal performance.

Beryllium Copper Gaskets: Beryllium copper gaskets are considered high performance EMI shields. This copper alloy has an extraordinarily high conductivity, and is makes an ideal door or panel. Beryllium copper can be transformed into a variety of different shapes and sizes, which makes it a versatile material for gaskets.

Conductive Elastomers: Conductive Elastomer gaskets deliver great performance. These gaskets are often embedded with metallic particles and wires, and require pressure in order to assure a safe EMI shield.

Wire Mesh: Wire mesh gaskets provided excellent levels of EMI shielding. They are appropriate for permanent seals, but lack an environmental seal.

Gaskets are rendered ineffective if there is corrosion. If a gasket is located in a harsh environment, it is often subject to corrosion. Gaskets are plated, In order to negate the ill effects of corrosion. They are also environmentally sealed, in order to seal out moister and other outside elements.  Most hybrid gaskets incorporate an EMI shield and an environmental shield in their design.

If you have more questions about EMI radiation or shielding gaskets, it is best to contact a local professional for further information. Professionals are the best educated on the topic of EMI shielding, and can help you select the appropriate type of gasket for any application

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