Understanding RFI

Grasping the concept of RFI can be a difficult task. The first productive step to take is to understand what the acronym RFI means.

Radio frequency interference is a problem that many electronic components are encumbered by on a regular basis. As a result of RFI, electronic components must be shielded from outside interference. There are a large number of RFI producers and RFI sensitive products in the average household.

With the introduction of each new electric component comes the increase in the amount of electronic noise that circulates in the radio and electromagnetic frequency sphere. The exact definition of radio frequency interference is the amount of radio frequency radiation or electronic noise that is produced by an electronic device or component. What makes RFI problematic is the fact that the frequency range interferes with the ability for nearby devices and equipment to properly function. For example, in military initiatives, RFI can block radio signals and run the risk of compromising missions. Almost any electronic device is capable of producing RFI, but the most common culprits are relays, motors, computers, processers, printers, high-tech medical devices, and industrial controllers. These sources produce radiation that is generated from the power line cord’s connection to the alternating current power line.

Electronic shielding gaskets can protect against radio frequency interference.  Many shielding gasket manufactures can design gaskets to provide complete shielding from RFI.  The products can come in many varying sizes, shapes, materials, mounts, and seal types. It is very important to protect modern electronic components from all electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference. The performance of the electric device can be easily improved with a simple addition of a shielding gasket. 

As a result of the myriad of different electronic devices, there are many custom-shielding gaskets available on the market that protect against RFI. Many custom gaskets are made out of special materials that conduct or shield electronic components.  Traditional materials are mostly rubber and foam blend. When blended, these materials provide a sufficient electric and environmental seal; they block RFI and limit corrosion from outside elements.

When shopping for the appropriate RFI or EMI shielding gasket, it is always beneficial to contact a professional gasket manufacturer. Professionals in the field of RFI and EMI shielding are the most edified on gaskets, and know which type of shield to pick for a certain application. By doing the correct research, and contacting a valued professional, you can protect your electronic component from RFI.

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