What is Electromagnetic Interference & How can it be Stopped?

What is electromagnetic interference (otherwise known as EMI)? The definition of EMI is the intrusive signal occurring within a signal receiver. In most cases, people are looking to eliminate or reduce those intrusive signals as much as possible.

Electromagnetic interference can get complicated. In its most simple terms, EMI can be broken into 2 categories: man-made EMI and naturally occurring EMI.

  • Man-Made EMI comes from other electronic circuits.
  • Naturally occurring EMI can come from a multitude of sources, including cosmic sources, as well as things like lightning or other sounds from the atmosphere.

Now that we know what electromagnetic interference is, what does this mean in practical, everyday terms? Think about travel on an airplane. One of the first warnings you hear from the pilot is to kindly turn off your cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. Why? Because the signal from these devices interfere with the electromagnetic signals needed to fly an airplane. This may also be experienced if you place your cell phone by your computer at home, or when hearing the signal from a CB radio on your FM dial while driving down a lonely highway. These are all intrusions or interferences on the primary signal you are trying to access.

So, how do you stop, or at least slow down, those interferences from occurring in the first place? The answer is in EMI shielding -- this is the practice of blocking the electromagnetic field by blocking with barriers made of conductive or magnetic materials. You will find EMI shielding in your cell phones, in the microwave oven door, as well as your computers and keyboards.

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