East Coast Shielding

East Coast Shielding has been manufacturing & distributing EMI/RFI materials, EMI Gaskets & gasket materials, and die-cutting materials for nearly a decade, and the professional experience of our outstanding staff extends well beyond twenty years.  We are based in Hackettstown, New Jersey and have clients and customers located across the East Coast, throughout the United States, and around the world.

Our commitment to professionalism is summed up in the benefits that we proudly bring to our customers every day:


After more than twenty years in the business, we count experience as one of our strongest qualities.  We have witnessed advances in EMI/RFI materials technology, helped develop new applications and techniques, and taken part in designing new gaskets and utilizing new die-cutting materials.  With that experience comes a valuable perspective that helps us to help you – it allows us to assist you in selecting the right parts & materials to get your job done right the first time.

Technical Know-How

Paired with our abundant experience is the incredible technical know-how of our staff.  Everyone at East Coast Shielding has been educated in the engineering fields, and trained to use the equipment we sell.  If you are working in a technically demanding field with complex equipment, you need a parts & materials vendor that knows what he or she is talking about – having a knowledgeable person at your side for advice & guidance saves you time, money, and frustration.

Precision Craftsmanship

Producing parts & materials for delicate & intricate machinery requires a commitment to precision craftsmanship... and that is a commitment we embrace wholeheartedly.  Our materials are guaranteed to be of the finest quality, our gaskets constructed to the highest standards in manufacturing, and our EMI/RFI shielding components of the most capable design.  Our business only goes so far as our customers' satisfaction, and we take great care in ensuring that all of our products live up to the rigorous quality standards that we set for ourselves.

Friendly Customer Service

We like to think that our dedication to providing friendly, informed customer service is what really sets us apart from the other guys.  East Coast Shielding is not about sales as much as it is about solutions.  We listen to you and leverage our experience and expertise to suggest parts, materials, and applications that meet your needs.

At East Coast Shielding, we also enjoy going the extra mile for our customers.  We specialize in designing & crafting custom-built parts for unique applications, and our technicians are happy to travel to customers in order to accommodate their needs.  We also provide technical support online and by telephone in order to answer any questions and advise on best practices in utilizing our products & services.

Low Prices

Low prices are our way of thanking our customers for choosing East Coast Shielding.  We count on repeat business from satisfied customers to maintain our position at the top of the industry, and ensuring that they can find EMI/RFI materials, gaskets, and die-cutting materials at affordable prices is how we keep them coming back.  Shop around and compare... you will find that East Coast Shielding is consistently your low price leader!


Our EMI Shield Products Are ‘Mile’s Ahead of Our Competitor’s EMI Gaskets or Other Shielding Gasket Devices

We know all the symptoms – you have an annoying hum in your wireless earphones or you iPad just goes plain crazy for no ‘apparent’ reason at all. Well, there actually ‘is’ a reason, there’s some signals in the air that our EMI shielding gasket can block faster than you can say ‘science fiction’.

We provide the highest quality shield materials, as well as the same caliber of shielding gasket. Remember that we can customize any product to fit whatever specific job you are doing. Contact us anytime.

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