EMI Shielding, RFI Shielding Products

We offer shielding products standard and custom-designed in the following configurations:

  • Die-cut
  • Molded
  • Extruded
  • Vulcanized
  • Hand-fabricated
  • Specific compounding

For additional details about our products, including a full listing of technical specifications, please see our individual product listings.

Custom Gasket Fabrication

When it comes to custom gasket fabrication, East Coast Shielding offers you a full service package, and can help you with everything from design issues to implementation. 

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Connector Gaskets

ECS Connector Gaskets can be die-cut from all ECS listed materials. The material listed below details ECS4 .032 thk oriented wire in solid silicone and .020 thk synthetic or silicone filled woven aluminum (24 x 24 aluminum screen).

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Bonded O Ring

East Coast Shielding is one of the nation’s premier fabricators of O-rings. We offer O-rings in a wide range of material types. In-cluding extruded & vulcanized types of rubber, conductive materials and more.

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Custom Gaskets

When it comes to custom gasket fabrication, East Coast Shielding offers you a full service package and can help you with every-thing from design issues to implementation. We can suggest different materials form our complete range of products.

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Conduct-O-Knit Knitted Wire Mesh

ECS1 Series Conduct-O-Knit materials consist of an elastomer core with knitted wire mesh or as a knitted wire mesh over. The knitted wire mesh can be fabricated with .0035" (0.089) or .0045" (.114) diameter Monel or SnCuFe (tin-plated, copper-clad steel) Wire or with .005" (.127) diameter Aluminum Wire.

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Conduct-O-Seal Combo Gasket

The ECS2 series gaskets combine bonding mesh in parallel with an elastomer environmental sealing strip. The knitted mesh can be made from Monel, SnCuFe (tin-plated, copper-clad steel), or aluminum wire.

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ECS has developed a line of conductive silicone elastomers that are designed to meet the requirements outlined for the MIL-G-83528 specification. Our conductive materials are used to produce shielding gaskets for Military, Aerospace, electronics, and communications applications.

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Conduct-O-Seal Oriented Wire in Silicone Gasket Material

East Coast Shielding Oriented wire in silicone ECS4 Series gasketing material is a combination EMI shield and environmental pressure seal. Produced on location, this product is fabricated with individual wires positioned perpendicular to the flange mating surface and is crimped to enhance proper contact.

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Conduct-O-Mesh Tape

ECS5 is available in Monel or SnCuFe (tin- plated, copper-clad steel) wire. ECS5 Mesh Tape is used for wrapping cable assemblies and provides excellent shielding characteristics. ECS5 Mesh can be purchased as a double layer knitted wire mesh tape.

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ECS standard 200-Series profile gaskets contain a closed cell foam core wrapped with a plated fabric. Our fabric-over-foam continuous strip gaskets have excellent shielding effectiveness (SE), high durability, low compression set and low resistance.

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Technical Data Sheet Conduct-o-Bond Electrically Conductive Adhesive

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Optical Filters For Electronic Displays

East Coast Shielding is the exclusive national distributor for Instrument Plastics Limited, Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK

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Shielded Vent Panels

ECS400 aluminum shielded air vent panels are created from an aluminum honeycomb medium installed in an aluminum casing. The honeycomb allows for maximum levels of shielding while ensuring the least possible re-sistance to air flow.

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ESC Board Level Shielding

Basic PCB shielding cans provide low cost solutions to many RF/EMI shielding requirements. Basic cans may incorporate engagement tabs, trace/component relief, tuning/access openings, thermal relief and can be built to non-standard shapes as required.

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300 Series

East Coast Shielding offers a wide variety of rubber elastomers and cellular profiles to meet your application needs. Below you will find some general information about the characteristics and physical properties of many of our standard elastomers.

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Radio frequency interference simply means that there are invisible radio signals coming from a variety of electronic devices such as a TV remote control (as but one example), and these signals can impair the performance of a number of other electronic devices. You might need EMI Shielding & RF Shields protection for your laptop, wireless video games & headphones .

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can also be referred to as radio frequency interference (RFI), but EMI shielding products such as EMI gaskets are what we’ll concentrate on here. While the workplace (office) has its share of EMI shielding needs, EMI gaskets (a simple remedy for many EMI shielding problems) are far more common in the home. EMI shielding can be the solution to a wide variety of problems with many types of electronic gadgets that we use every day in our home environment.

We Offer the Highest Quality Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI) shielding products. Contact East Coast Shielding today for your complete application solutions.

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