Effectiveness of EMI Shielding

As electronic devices become ever more visible in our daily lives, there has been an increase in both EMI & RFI (electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference). The growth of both has become an essential concern for manufacturers of electronic devices. The magnetic and electrical energy that is emitted from sources will adversely affect other surrounding devices (causing things to malfunction).

EMI shielding is designed to stop the bleeding of EMI into the world, while also protecting devices from having outside RFI or EMI affect them. Our talented team can help you design and buy shielding and gaskets that works for your device and application. We can even work with plastics, by coating it with a conductive layer.

Attenuation is a principal indicator that helps individuals to measure the strength of electromagnetic interference shielding. This refers to the differences found between electromagnetic signal’s intensity (before and after shielding).

Testing the effectiveness of EMI is smart during the manufacturing process. Several common testing methods include:

  1. Open field test
  2. Coaxial transmission line test
  3. Shielded box test
  4. Shielded room test

If you have any issues with determining your EMI and RFI shielding needs, our staff is standing by to help. We can help you protect your devices from EMI while also preventing your devices from negatively affecting others.