What is Mesh Wire?

One common product you will find when dealing with EMI shielding is knitted wire mesh. It is a metal strand or wire that is knitted together that creates a mesh structure. Despite the different materials, they aren't too dissimilar from stockings and sweaters. There is a difference between woven mesh and knitted mesh. The main difference is that when you knit, you create interlocking loops that are able to move relative to each other. They are able to move without distorting the overall shape and structure of the mesh. When you weave something there is stronger connections between wires, which doesn't allow for distorting. Ultimately, the main difference between the two is the knitted mesh is substantially more flexible, and this is because of an interlocking loop structure.

This doesn't mean that knitted mesh is unbreakable because it is. If you distort the material past its yield point, then your material won't return to its original shape.

Different types of mesh wires can be created and used, and that includes non-hardenable types, hardenable types, nominal chemical composition nickel alloys, and austenitic types. These are just some of the most popular alloy specifications, but different types of mesh wire can be made.

Knitted mesh wire is very strong and durable, but that is only one of the benefits of the material. There is a good deal of practical application when it comes to these materials. It is an extremely vestal product. It is used for air filtration, vibration dampening, EMI shielding, RFI shielding, mist elimination, and even gaskets and sealing.

Welded stainless steel mesh is a certain kind of mesh that is used primarily in the fencing industry. It can be purchased with and without galvanization, but buying without is cheaper.

Electro galvanized welded with mesh has a square opening. This particular type of wire mesh was made for infrastructural projects. This type of mesh is resistant to corrosion, and is used rather often in the construction industry. It comes in different forms: one is roll and one is a panel.

The creation of wire mesh has allowed for many industries to do amazing and important work. Companies that use these products need specialized knitted wire mesh that is made to do a particular job. If you need to find out more information about wire me, call a local company and talk to an engineer about your different options.